Project Endeavor's Summer Staff

We pride ourselves on our dynamic and experienced leadership staff. Through a rigorous selection process, we seek out people who are not only dedicated and responsible, but also fun, friendly and energetic.

All of our directors and head counselors are college graduates and at least 21 years of age. Having worked extensively with high school students in the past, they genuinely look forward to their summers with Project Endeavor. 

Each member of our team works tirelessly throughout the program, serving as a mentor, advisor and friend to all of our students. We work hard to create a warm, supportive family atmosphere, one in which Project Endeavor students are treated as young adults whose opinions and concerns truly matter.


The inspiration for Project Endeavor came from decades of developing and running the finest in pre-college summer programs. Project Endeavor was an opportunity for us to design engaging hands-on opportunities and experiences for teens in the world of Fine and Visual Arts, Service, Business and Sports. We are passionate about offering these interactive and engaging summer experiences allowing students to hone their skills in the fields of Film, Screenwriting, Acting, Directing, Fashion, Community Service, Entrepreneurship, Tennis, Golf and Surfing.

Project Endeavor will provide students the opportunity to focus on their craft, explore new options and open their eyes as they embark and explore their inner creativity and passion. We are convinced that a well-designed summer program run by highly qualified educational and athletic experts and professionals can boost the confidence and skills of high school students on the verge of new academic and social challenges. This idea has been the guiding philosophy since our beginning almost 30 years ago.

With Project Endeavor, we believe we have found a way to give students an interactive and dynamic way to hone their skills, a good look at college life, a way to grow and learn, and plenty of time to have an awesome summer experience filled with new friends from around the globe. And of course, to have plenty of fun in the process!

Here at Project Endeavor, we believe you will become part of the most well-rounded, personalized and creative pre-college program available anywhere.

I look forward to seeing you for our most memorable summer ever!


Jason Lubar
Founder and Director of Summer Programs