You and your peers will be divided into groups, with each of you responsible for a different role in creating your budding blockbuster. In creating each short film, you’ll learn the techniques and methods of your chosen course and working with your group to take it from storyboard to studio to screen.

Participate in lectures from celebrity writers, directors and actors. Enjoy visits to Red Carpet movie premieres, tv tapings and Studio Tours. You’ll have access to professional level equipment and facilities, plus film and television sound stages, as well as advanced editing technology like Avid and Final Cut Pro Suites to create collaborative projects. You earn 4 credits for each course you complete. When it’s time for the big premiere, you’ll showcase your final project in a high-definition theater!


Are you an aspiring Quentin Tarantino or Diablo Cody? Do you have awesome movie ideas? Discover what it takes to write professional-quality screenplays that are sought after by Hollywood producers, agents, and studio executives. You’ll dive into story structure and character development as you learn how to create memorable dialog, direct action with words, and convey your unique screen vision to your first audience: the reader.

You’ll also get a VIP private tour at the Warner Brothers Studio back lot to see a Hollywood production in action, and then eat in the private WB restaurant. 

“My summer with Project Endeavor was such a surreal experience. The bonds I’ve  formed with my friends on the trip will always follow me. LA became a second home and I would NOT trade this summer for anything.”

Jake K. / New Jersey