Morning Course: English Language Training

Students participate in Morning Courses Monday-Friday.

Are you afraid of studying in the United States because you don’t trust your English skills? This course will improve your English skills as a certified teacher helps you along. Semi-private classes are designed to help you, no matter what your level of English proficiency. This course will help you develop skills in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening comprehension, and oral and written communication.

“When I first signed up for this program it seemed too good to be true – and that is exactly what it was! It surpassed all my expectations; I made some amazing friends, had the nicest counselors, and got to see the coolest locations! It was definitely an unforgettable experience and I wish everyone an experience like this!”

Julia M. / Switzerland

English Training Sample Topics


    • Past Perfect Review
    • Introduction to Simple Future and Formation
    • Time/Adverb Clauses in Future Sentences
    • Future Progressive Formation
    • Review Future Progressive, Present Progressive, Simple Future

Communication Skills

  • Review of Travel Vocabulary and Idioms
  • Review of Holidays; Discuss/Learn About New Places to Visit
  • Introduction of Debate Vocabulary and Debate Preparation
  • Speaking About Favorite holidays
  • Travel Practice Activity
  • Create Travel Itineraries and Present as a Tour Guide
  • Debate – “Is Travel Tourism Good or Bad”
  • Group Work for Presentations