Experience the next generation of visual and performing artists, tech savvy professionals, future leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes. Project Endeavor Programs help you to focus and develop your inner passion and creativity! Join Project Endeavor Programs for our 26th year with summer sessions on renowned campuses in New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and Palo Alto.

Project Endeavor offers unforgettable summer camps for high school students from across the world. These experiences create memories that last a lifetime and teach you skills in your chosen field. Our exciting pre college programs allow you to work with the finest faculty and locations designed to meet the highest standards in each chosen field of study from visual and performing arts to high tech to leadership, entrepreneurship and athletics. Project Endeavor Programs offer renowned courses that are specialized to combine the highest level of creative intensity and balance them with safety, fun and adventure for students completing grades 9 through 12. Whether you are acting in a short film in Hollywood, working with your team to design and showcase the future of the high tech world or participating in a fashion shoot in Soho, you’re sure to have the experience of a lifetime!



Students joining one of our pre college programs will have the opportunity to explore their inner creativity and passion during these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. All of our summer camps for high school students are designed to offer students the finest in faculty and facilities. We are dedicated to providing each student the tools and the guidance to hone their craft and develop their talents from filmmaking in Hollywood to acting on Broadway to the next tech based creation in Silicon Valley. We will help you to open your mind and explore your inner talent and creativity.



The Project Endeavor experience takes students and faculty from around the globe and works with each participant to hone their skills and talents. Each participant will be assigned a team and each team will work with a team leader to design a project or perform a routine or create a masterpiece that will be shown to members of that given field at a final banquet. The team that is elected by members of that profession will be honored at the event and will be able to meet with the judges. As a part of the Project Endeavor experience, each team will base their project and the competition on behalf of a local charitable organization. The winning team will receive a donation on its behalf from Project Endeavor to the selected organization.


We felt that high school students of all ages that are beginning to get ready to move from high school to college would be so much better prepared for the future if they had the opportunity to fine tune and discover their talents and abilities by offering these very specialized and creative summer camps for high school students.

Over 25 years, we have experienced that well-designed pre college programs run by highly qualified educational and creative experts and professionals will open the minds and hone the talents of students interested in the fields of Creative and Fine Arts, Technology and Business, Leadership and Athletics while boosting the confidence and comfort of high school students on the verge of new academic and social challenges.

It is our belief that everyone returns from our summer camps for high school students with a greater understanding of the opportunities ahead and a true appreciation of their abilities and talents. Their experience prepares them to prosper as they focus on the world ahead and their exciting future and success.