Spend your evenings and weekends exploring spectacular cultural and entertainment destinations. You’ll eat signature dishes at the most popular restaurants and visit can’t-miss destinations and attractions. When your not busy at your internship, you’ll be participating in an unforgettable adventure!

Each evening, you will have the opportunity to socialize and build friendships while you enjoy the fun and excitement of LA, NY, Boston or DC’s nightlife. Many popular hangouts are located just steps from each university we reside at, and the welcoming crowd of lively locals and visitors creates an unforgettable energy! Catch a local concert or enjoy a game of pool or pingpong.

“My summer at Project Endeavor exceeded my expectations. The classes were incredible, the friends I made were amazing, and there was always something fun to do!”

Alexandra K. / Florida

First-Rate Rec Facilities

You’ll have access to state-of-the-art workout facilities on each campus and plenty of other athletic and recreational options during your stay.  You can lace up your running shoes for a jog on campus, or hit the gym to pump some iron or get moving on an elliptical trainer. Outdoor tennis courts, basketball courts and plenty of other options are sure to keep you busy. Of course, a game of touch football or a little Frisbee is always a campus classic.  Just make sure to pack your workout gear — it’s going to be a very active summer!