You and your peers will be divided into groups, with each of you responsible for a different role in creating your budding blockbuster. In creating each short film, you’ll learn the techniques and methods of your chosen course and working with your group to take it from storyboard to studio to screen.

Participate in lectures from celebrity writers, directors and actors. Enjoy visits to the Screen Actors Guild, Red Carpet movie premieres, tv tapings and Studio Tours. You’ll also gain access to permanent shooting sets – normally reserved for the professionals – including the backlot of  Warner Brothers Studio, plus film and television sound stages, as well as advanced editing technology like Avid and Final Cut Pro Suites. When it’s time for the big premiere, you’ll showcase your final project in a high-definition theater!


Develop the essential, real-life skill set necessary to navigate a shooting set as director and crew and experience the creative process from the actor’s point of view. You’ll analyze and break down scripts to understand characters, dialog, and story as you learn how the most successful director develop rapport with their actors. Gain get hands-on experience using pro level equipment to block and stage action for the camera, make aesthetic choices in the moment and learn the ins and outs of the casting process using professional-level facilities, standing sets, studios and equipment.

“Our daughter Sarah had the most amazing experience. She loved the classes and  truly found her passion! She made lifetime friends…thank you for returning her safely!!”

Heather and William S. / New Jersey