You and your peers will be divided into groups, with each of you responsible for a different role in creating your very own project. In creating your project, you’ll learn the techniques and methods of your chosen course and working with your group to take it from concept to studio to screen. At the end of each session, you are personally invited to attend a final showcase your creativity. Bring friends and family to show how proud you are!

Studio Workshops

Students will enroll in one of the following courses for their 2 week stay with Project Endeavor:

Film Production
The young creatives who choose to attend our Film Production studio workshop will learn how to bring their visions to the big screen. This project-based course experience will provide participants an introduction to digital film production. Collaborating with their peers, they’ll take an idea from conception through post production, transforming what they imagined into an original short film.

Your high school student will learn basic screenwriting, directing, producing, cinematography & editing skills using professional equipment like HD cameras, location audio gear, our Foley Lab, and industry-standard editing programs. We welcome you to watch your child’s vision come to life in our high-tech screening room with family and friends at the end of the session.

Music Recording
If your child loves music, this is an opportunity to go behind the scenes and learn how recording engineers turn a studio performance into a professional recording. Campers will receive hands-on training in our professional music control room, recording studios, and digital audio workstation labs while recording live musicians. At the end of two weeks, your high school student will walk away with a solid foundation in professional recording techniques as well as their own mix of the studio recording produced with their efforts!

Graphic Design
From magazines to movie posters, examples of graphic design are everywhere we look. Flashpoint Campers will learn how the pros use words, images, lines, and colors to capture audience attention in our Graphic Design workshop. During this two week experience, your child will work with industry leaders and influencers to learn how to take an idea from concept to completion. All this while using professional tools like Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator to build a foundation in editing, filtering, and distortion of images. Then, students will combine the skills they learn to create an original corporate identity (logo) and promotional graphics for a real-life Chicago company or nonprofit organization that they will present on our last day of camp!

Animation & Digital Art
Our Digital Art and Animation workshop allows your student to express their creative voice through the 3D modeling and animation mediums. They will have the opportunity to take their art to the next level and, literally, into the next dimension. Campers are given a glimpse into how the visual effects industry is bigger than movies, television and games. After learning sketching and concepting, your high school student is taught the wonders of creating a 3D Model character that could be used in a multitude of end products like movies, apps or games. You will have the opportunity to bask in their creation during our Friday final showcase!

Students will walk away with:

  • A new and enhanced perspective of the Digital Media Arts industry
  • A professional portfolio of work they can build on
  • A better idea of what they may or may not want to pursue as a career
  • New relationships with like-minded peers and professionals who share similar passions
  • Experience in a college setting that can help them overcome fears about college life
  • Increased self-confidence in their abilities and improved collaboration skills
  • An understanding of social responsibility and community service