You and your peers will be divided into groups, with each of you responsible for a different role in creating your very own project. In creating your project, you’ll learn the techniques and methods of your chosen course and working with your group to take it from concept to studio to screen. At the end of each session, you are personally invited to attend a final showcase your creativity. Bring friends and family to show how proud you are!

Studio Workshops

Students will enroll in one of the following courses for their 3 week stay with Project Endeavor:

Film Production
Whether you want to make compelling documentaries or blockbuster feature films, you need to understand the basics before anyone yells, “Action!” This high-altitude introduction lets students actually make a film while learning all aspects of filmmaking. Express your own creative vision by producing professional quality digital films using industry-standard gear and bring them to the big screen.

Music Recording
For students who love music, you will receive hands-on training in our professional music control room, recording studios, and digital audio workstation labs to produce your own studio recording.

Graphic Design
Use professional tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to build a foundation using words, images, lines, and colors to develop an original corporate identity (logo) and promotional graphics for a company you create!

Animation & Visual Effects
After learning sketching and concept, you will be taught how to create a 3D model character that could be used in movies, apps, games, or a multitude of end products.

Students will walk away with:

  • A new and enhanced perspective of the Digital Media Arts industry
  • A professional portfolio of work they can build on
  • A better idea of what they may or may not want to pursue as a career
  • New relationships with like-minded peers and professionals who share similar passions
  • Experience in a college setting that can help them overcome fears about college life
  • Increased self-confidence in their abilities and improved collaboration skills
  • An understanding of social responsibility and community service