Strengthen your passion and talent while exploring New York City and all it has to offer on Project Endeavor Culinary!

Summer Cooking Programs for High School Students

Project Endeavor Programs’ summer cooking camp is an action-packed culinary adventure! Our summer cooking programs for high school students are exciting and educational experiences that will transform your student’s dream into reality. Our students will learn from experienced chefs and industry professionals about regional dishes, cooking techniques and proper use of kitchen tools.

Kitchen safety and etiquette will be one of the first topics covered. Students will work on knife skills, food preparation, sanitation standards and proper kitchen prep. Properly preparing for a dinner service teaches organization, focus and teamwork. These are skills that will carry into their lives outside of our summer cooking program for high school students.

Next, we will explore classic cooking techniques including stocks, sauces, searing, steaming, braising, knife skills and more. We start with the fundamentals to build a solid culinary foundation. Once the basic skills have been mastered, the student will learn how to add their own flair to a dish while keeping the flavor profile intact. Students will learn dishes from around the world from Italy to Mexico, exploring regional spices, herbs and oils. This summer culinary program for high school students will expand their world view and give students an unmatched perspective into the art of crafting food.

New York City is the perfect setting for all things culinary, and at Project Endeavor, we take advantage of all NYC has to offer. Student have access to bustling farmer’s markets, selling fresh food grown within minutes out of the city, allowing students have access to the best quality and variety of produce, meats, spices & seasonings.  With the help of professional chefs, industry insiders and hospitality giants, we provide our students a hands on approach of what the culinary world really looks like.  There is no doubt that some of the most renowned chefs, famous restaurants and bakeries exist in New York City and attract audiences from all over the globe. The culinary world is made here and our students are not only observers, they are active participants in this exciting and revolutionary industry.

Project Endeavor Programs has the best to offer in a summer culinary program for high school students. We take pride in our robust curriculum, professional mentors, industry insiders with years of experience and our environment that cultivates creativity. Our programs offer the excitement of new experiences with many of the comforts of home. Students will rest comfortably at the Fordham University Lincoln Campus in safe, comfortable and conveniently located dorms. Freshly prepared meals, laundry service, gaming consoles, and many more options for entertainment are just some of the amenities we provide.

Lifelong friends will be made and lifetime goals will be set, if not achieved, during this unique program. We encourage our students to step outside their comfort zone and explore new ideas and world views. Project Endeavor Programs will make this summer cooking program for high school students the most memorable of your child’s life. Memories are made here, but remain with our students for a lifetime. We can’t wait to show you what we are all about.

iStock_000003372729_Large“This was by far the best program I’ve ever had the privilege to attend! The experiences were unforgettable, and words cannot describe how many lifelong friendships I made. If I could go back, I’d be there in a heartbeat!!”

-Sydney C. / Illinois

Your Stay with Project Endeavor

Rest easy, because Project Endeavor understands the importance of being at ease in your home away from home. We provide our students with private accommodations that offer the comfort you expect with the safety and security you demand. You’ll have full access to premier health and recreational facilities, and meals that won’t leave you hungry for home cooking. We pride ourselves on the fact that our residential amenities, top-quality food service and fitness facilities offer Project Endeavor students the very best. Our goal is to consistently create an environment where you’ll be able to concentrate on getting the most out of your summer – staying relaxed, refreshed and ready to excel.

Safety & Supervision

Project Endeavor has always been committed to absolute safety for every student. We maintain a ten-to-one student-to-staff ratio – one of the lowest in the industry – to ensure everyone gets the unmatched attention and unique personalized programs they deserve. Our luxury residence features a front desk staffed 24 hours a day with trained personnel who keep your peace of mind their top priority. As part of our commitment to student safety, Project Endeavor staff members live on every student-occupied floor, accompany students on all activities and excursions, and are always equipped with cellphones.

Travel to New York

We recommend that students fly nonstop to LaGaurdia Airport. There they will be met by Project Endeavor staff members, who will escort them to comfortable, air-conditioned shuttles for the brief drive to campus.

Of course, parents are also welcome to drive students to Project Endeavor directly. Contact our office for further information on any of these travel options.

*Transportation costs are not included in tuition.