Mission/Giving Back

The Project Endeavor Experience takes students and faculty from around the globe and works with each participant to hone their skills and talents. Each participant will be assigned a team and each team will work with a team leader to design a project or perform a routine or create a masterpiece that will be shown to members of that given field at a final banquet.

“We were a bit apprehensive at the start, as Michelle embarked on her summer without knowing anyone on your program. She fell in love with the city, improved in her area of focus, made new friends and had her best summer ever! She loved the staff and can’t wait to go back for another amazing summer. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to have an experience of a lifetime!”

Lisa S. / Pennsylvania

The team that is elected by members of that profession will be honored at the event and will be able to meet with the judges. As a part of the Project Endeavor experience, each team will base their project and the competition on behalf of a local charitable organization. The winning team will receive a donation on its behalf from Project Endeavor to the selected organization.