My Summer in Hollywood!
October 13, 2017

Each day on the Project Discovery Silicon Valley Summer Program was exciting, different, and memorable. The days were made up of class, lunch, class, working on projects, dinner, and evening activity. Every morning my roommates and I would walk to the cafeteria for breakfast and then go to class. From there we got to break for lunch. We got to try different restaurants on campus. After lunch, we went to back to class and then would break into our groups and work on our exciting projects. Some afternoons we went and toured major tech companies as well as start ups. It was really interesting to see the difference in each company. Every company has a different mission, vision and background. The tours of these companies are what really inspired me throughout the trip. I got to experience and see first hand some of the companies I dream about working at one day in the future. We would have dinner each evening as a group, which was really nice to catch up with everyone and goof around. After dinner we got to participate in exciting activities all over San Francisco. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, went to Fisherman’s Warf, road a cable car and more! To finish each day, we had free time on our dorm floors. I would usually hang out in the lounge with my friends and the staff. Day after day, we experience SF and Silicon Valley to the fullest!

By Eric Silver

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